Project TriStar is a heart centered effort coming from a genuine place of wanting to serve for the greater good of all. As we align with the Universal Laws and Principles, we understand the tremendous power of selfless-service and giving. We honor all those who choose to contribute at any level to this humanitarian mission.

As an independently financed, volunteer, and humanitarian operation, Project TriStar is always seeking skilled people who are interested in offering some of their valuable time or expertise to help Project TriStar reach and support more people. This may include helping out with some research, sustainable product evaluation, website or project promotion, or simply some constructive input. Whatever you know or do, Project TriStar would be honored to hear from you.

Here are three ways to support the Project TriStar community and initiative.


Promotional Support: Promotional support are those who assist Project TriStar with web development, website and video promotion, multimedia consulting, event organizing, etc.


Planning Support: Planning support are those who may have expertise in the area of sustainable products, services, and designs.  Depending on the area of expertise, these activities may involve remote or on-site planning including: sustainable product research, vendor proposal analysis, architectural design, development related research, etc.


Development Support: Development support are those who may be manufacturers of products or services that support the Project TriStar off-the-grid sustainable community development.  These products and services revolve around development activities including: natural resource management, site preparation, sustainable product installation, development consultants, site maintenance, development logistics, etc.


No matter what your area of expertise would also be glad to consider you, your company, or products for involvement in the Project TriStar initiative and community.  This may also involve transition from volunteer support to a position that includes monetary compensation for products and services.

Whether you are a volunteer and paid professional, all contributors receive the opportunity to promote their products and services through the Project TriStar website, as well as distribution of material at Project TriStar lectures and events.  Such activities are designed to provide the general public with advice, products, and services in order to help them create their own sustainable communities. Contributors may also receive exposure through audio and video interviews by the Project TriStar staff.