About Project TriStar

Project TriStar is an off-the-grid, eco-friendly, sustainable, and spiritual community that provides a safe and harmonious lifestyle for those who choose to live their lives based on natural and universal laws.

The intent of the Project TriStar initiative is to create a lifestyle and an environment that supports the community goals of self sufficiency, healthy living, mutual respect, individual responsibility, and personal growth.

There are those who may say that Project TriStar is an attempt at creating a utopian, idealistic, and totally unachievable community model. The truth is that the ability to manifest or achieve any goal in life is based on experiential knowledge (education), understanding (perception), and beliefs.

Imagine the world we live in today. On one extreme, we have communities that are violent, destructive, and at constant war with one another. On the other extreme, we have communities that are supportive, harmonious, and at constant peace with one another. Every other social structure, community, town, city, state, country is somewhere in between these two extremes. In other words, to say the Project TriStar initiative is unattainable is simply a perception of what we believe is or is not possible based on our experiential knowledge.

Project TriStar is not an Ashram or monastery, but it is unique from what most people would perceive as “community” based on present day socioeconomic standards. The Project TriStar initiative is to bridge the gap between the physical world and the spiritual world in a way that harmonizes with the growing internal desire and seeking for a better way of living on planet Earth. In essence, Project TriStar provides a realistic and attainable alternative to living in the social and economic structures that are commonly practiced throughout the world today.

The Project TriStar community embraces spiritual principles that include: decisions that are prioritized with their impact on nature, natural resources, and universal laws. Every member of the community acknowledges the goals of living from their heart, in harmony with these principles and each other, and with a passion towards service to others.

What is Project TriStar’s model for community success?

The probability of success for any community comes down to three components: sustainability, longevity, and harmony. These can be further defined as people, planning, and location. Making better choices in any one of these areas can dramatically increase or decrease the probability of success for any community.

1) People:

One definition of community is living with a group of “people” who share similar interests and who live by a common set of guidelines. Project TriStar understands that people form the heart and soul of any community endeavor. This fact underlines the importance of attracting like-minded people in order to ensure a cohesive and peaceful existence for the entire community.

Members of the Project TriStar community understand the objectives of the community model and have made a choice to live their lives based on spirit, natural laws, and universal laws. They understand the risks and rewards from living off-the-grid from global society. They have further made the choice to devote their lives to family, community, and the pursuit of eternal growth. Choices which they believe are their heritage as human beings.

Membership to the Project TriStar community begins with the completion of a Member Application. The Project TriStar Membership Committee then screens and interviews all prospective members to ensure there is a common interest and fit between the applicant and the community and that both parties understand their mutual commitments, responsibilities, and choices.

2) Planning:

The most important part of any community plan is the reason why you are creating a plan in the first place. Project TriStar’s plan defines the creation of a sustainable environment where people can live comfortably and in peace and harmony through a period which could result in some of the greatest challenges to human existence in known history.

A community plan provides every member of the community with a global understanding of how the community will be developed, how it will function, and an outline of the lifestyle for those who will live there. Similar to what might be provided by the “City Planning Commission” in modern times, such a plan may include: the choice of community location, land use guidelines, population density, building structures and materials, governance, resource management, expansion criteria, and emergency preparedness.

For the Project TriStar community, this plan also provides guidelines for a choice of lifestyle which is based on common goals, similar beliefs, individual responsibility, and mutual respect for other community members.

3) Location:

The choice of community location is essential to achieving sustainability and longevity with the least amount of hardship. This choice becomes even more important if you consider the current and future resource needs in relationship to climate, population, and growth.  The most important of these being long-term and sustainable access to food and food production resources.

The choice of community location is also in direct relationship to the reason why the community is being created and the beliefs of what may or may not occur in the near or distant future.

The location of the Project TriStar community has been chosen based on extensive research into the potentials and challenges surrounding these uncertain times along with a firm understanding of the balance between the risk, resources, practicality, and convenience.

The primary objective of the Project TriStar community is to create an environment that allows people to live in a way that, we at Project TriStar believe, life was intended.  As such, the Project TriStar community members have chosen to live in a manner and environment that is unique among current social standards.

As a conscious endeavor, Project TriStar is utilizing all available information and resources that might influence the community sustainability and longevity.  This means the community is being planned and developed with an understanding of the current and future potential for man-made, cosmic, and geophysical catastrophic events.  Project TriStar feels this approach is prudent and responsible given the times we live in.

In order to create a community that is accessible to the greatest number of like-minded people, Project TriStar has developed a modular sustainability design. This means the community footprint can be expanded to support a growing population of those who choose to live in such a sustainable environment. Although there will be a maximum limit set on the number of community participants, no such limit has been defined or set at this time.

All aspects of the Project TriStar community embody a spiritual consciousness in regards to lifestyle, working, and mutual growth. This means living in an environment that is drug, substance, and stimulant free. There is no alcohol, tobacco, casual drugs, caffeine, meat, etc.

The Project TriStar community has been established to operate as an off-the-grid, self-sustainable, communal living environment. Once established and operating efficiently, this community will have little or no contact with the surrounding cities or communities until sometime after the catastrophic global events have subsided and civility has been restored.

If you are interested in finding out more, please refer to the information on the Project TriStar community development and/or lifestyle description.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Project TriStar community, please complete and submit a Member Application.