Founder Messages

Thank you for your interest in Project TriStar.

First and foremost, Project TriStar and my other endeavors related to these historic times are not about me.  My efforts to facilitate the Project TriStar community, the websites, and my desire to help others are given without expectation.  These are abilities that I have learned and I offer them to the world without attachment to how they may be used or for any specific outcome.  I am here simply to serve the greatest good as best I can.

Here is are some personal messages from the founding members of Project TriStar.

Creating Community: Many people have asked how they can prepare for the coming events or build a community with limited resources. The reality is there are only two ways to accomplish anything in our physical world, the first being time and the second being resources. Read more...

Development Timeline: We are now well past the infamous 2012 date with no real changes to social or personal lifestyles as we continue moving forward with the development of the Project TriStar community. Read more...

I hope those who visit this website, find a piece to their individual puzzle. Maybe something that clicks, that provides greater clarity, that opens a door, or that triggers an entirely new list of possibilities.


With Love and Blessings,

Ivan “Evon” Stein

Project TriStar Founder


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