Project TriStar respects your preferences concerning the collection and use of your personal information. The following privacy policies are tailored for the different ways your personal information is collected by Project TriStar business and offerings.

Project TriStar respects your preferences concerning the treatment of personal information that we may collect from your use of the Project TriStar websites and your interactions with Project TriStar off-line. This policy lets you know how we collect and use your personal information, and how you can control its use. This policy describes the broadest potential use of personal information throughout the Project website and in off-line transactions that is consistent with the terms of this policy; however, we may make far less use of your personal information.

The following privacy policy addresses information we collect at our web sites and in off-line sales and marketing activities. This policy covers the privacy practices that Project TriStar Corporation employ when providing support, consulting, on demand or other services (the "services") to its customers ("you" or "your"). Project TriStar established this privacy policy in order to clarify that the use of information to which it may be provided access in order to provide services is more limited than the use of information covered by Project TriStar's general privacy policy.


  1. We may use your personal information
  2. To engage in and process your transactions
  3. To provide support or other services, including product alerts and updates
  4. To contact you about products, services or events that might be of interest to you and respond to your requests
  5. To provide online forums and administer product downloads
  6. To enhance your web user experience and Project TriStar's marketing activities
  7. To provide Project TriStar communities with product alerts and updates
  8. To comply with legal requirements


  1. We may share your personal information with third parties
  2. Who assist Project TriStar with payment for your order or with responding to your sales request
  3. Who engage in joint sales or product promotions with us or who sponsor Project TriStar events or conferences that you attend
  4. When you give your consent
  5. To comply with legal requirements


  1. You may access or change the personal information and preferences in your Project TriStar registration.
  2. You may opt out of marketing by modifying your registration profile, or by using our general unsubscribe automated link that is included in Project TriStar marketing email. You can find details on how to automatically unsubscribe from email communications.


Project TriStar is committed to the security of your information, and has implemented administrative, physical and technical safeguards designed to protect it from unauthorized access.

We may update the Project TriStar privacy policy from time to time, and will post a prominent notice in its Policy Updates section notifying users when it is updated.

Date Updated: August 6, 2009.

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Community Summary

Community Type: Sustainable
Conscious Principles: Spiritual
Construction Start: TBD
Construction End: TBD
Open to New Members: Yes
Application Required: Yes
Population Limits: none
Age Limits: none
Kids Without Adults: Yes
Community Decisions: Committees
Leadership Core: 100 to 200
Governance Rules: Yes
Financial Requirement: Voluntary
Labor Contribution: Mutual
Specific Skill Requirement: No
Living Quarters: Shared
Personal Pets: No
Livestock: No
Food Production: Growing
Dietary Practice: Raw Vegan
Dining: Cafeteria Style
Disallowed Substances: Yes
Prescription Meds Allowed: No
Weapons Allowed: No
Education Style: Waldorf/Steiner
Economic: Compassionate Consum

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