• Orientation

    The orientation program is designed to help each member prepare for the challenges of life in a remote, off-the-grid, and self-sustainable environment.

  • Education

    To Project TriStar, the goal of life and the community is to achieve the highest possible levels of conscious evolution through personal education, also known as "experiential learning".

  • Gardening

    Food production for the community can best be defined as growing fruits and vegetables with nuts and Spirulina (blue-green algae) to provide additional sources of nutrition, fat, and protein.

  • Lifestyle

    The community "lifestyle" means having an enthusiasm for life and the way in which people interact, support, and nurture themselves and each other in everything they do.

  • Fabrication

    The community is designed to manufacture everything that may be necessary to maintain the desired lifestyle, community operations, and to ensure the health and well being of the community members.

  • Membership

    Membership in the community is a commitment to yourself and the entire community with the provision that members are consciously awake and on a continuous path of self-realization and self-improvement.

  • Food and Diet

    Project TriStar has determined that a raw vegan diet provides the greatest opportunity for achieving optimal health and long-term sustainability that is harmonic with the core beliefs of the community.

  • Sustainable

    The community has embraced the primary objective of sustainability through an understanding of what it means to live in harmony with nature and natural laws.

  • Management

    Project TriStar is a corporation with a Board of Directors and management teams that are responsible for the community planning, development, and day-to-day operations.

  • Spiritual

    The community is founded on the principle of being consciously responsible in every action, a principle that applies equally to the individual member and to the community as a whole.


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Por qué Project TriStar

El Proyecto TriStar es una comunidad energéticamente independiente, eco-respetuosa, sostenible y espiritual que aporta un estilo de vida harmónico para todos aquellos que eligen vivir sus vidas según leyes naturales y universales.

La iniciativa del Proyecto TriStar es la de crear un estilo de vida y un entorno que soporte los objetivos comunitarios de autosuficiencia, vida saludable, mutuo respeto, responsabilidad individual, y crecimiento personal.


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Resumen de la Comunidad

Tipo: Sostenible
Principios Conscientes: Espiritual
Inicio Obra: Comienzos 2011
Final Obra: Finales 2011
Abierto a Nuevos Miembros:
Solicitud Requerida:
Límites de Población: No
Límites de Edad: No
Niños sin Adultos:
Decisiones Comunitarias: Comités
Núcleo Directivo: 100 a 200
Reglas de Gobierno:
Req. de Tipo Financiero: Voluntario
Contribución Laboral: Mutua
Capacitaciones Exigibles: No
Cuartos: Compartidos
Mascotas Personales: No
Ganado: No
Producción Alimentaria: Cultivos
Dieta: Crudivegana
Comedor: Estilo Cafetería
Estupefacientes Prohibidos:
Medicamentos con Receta: No
Armas Permitidas: No
Estilo Educativo: Waldorf/Steiner
Economía: Consumo Compasivo

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