Getting Involved

Building a community of the size and scope of Project TriStar requires of skills, resources, and expertise from a variety of different backgrounds and disciplines.  As such, Project TriStar is interested in working with those who feel they have something to offer this community endeavor.

Maybe you have a company that manufactures something the Project TriStar community could use to achieve greater self-sustainability.  Maybe you have expertise in a specific field of organic food production or off-the-grid power generation.  And maybe you resonate with the community plan or lifestyle and want to become part of this community.

Whatever your interest, Project TriStar would like to hear from you and to see how we might work together to co-create this grand undertaking.  Project TriStar has defined the following three levels for how an individual, consultant, or company can get involved in the community planning, development, or lifestyle:

 Level 1: Participation in the role of volunteer, intern, adviser, consultant, service provider, manufacturer, sponsor, or financial support. At this level, a participant may be in regular contact with the Project TriStar planning and development committees or may maintain anonymity, if so desired.  Participants may be manufacturers of some product that could or will be used in the community development.  They may also be interested in helping out with the Project TriStar planning in order to gain experience in community development that may help their own or other communities.  These participants may also request to become members of the community if so interested.  CLICK HERE to contact Project TriStar about Level 1 participation.


Level 2: Participation as a member of the community. At this level, a member is aligned with the principles and lifestyle of the Project TriStar community and is ready, willing, and able to leave society, as we know it, and relocate to the off-the-grid remote community. Members must have let go of material possessions including real estate and furniture, and be prepared to let go of the need for a personal vehicle. Personal belongings are limited to approximately two suitcases per individual. Members should have consolidated or liquidated their personal assets as preparation and for contribution to the community development. They must have completed or be working to eliminate their attachment to electronic devices for life off-the-grid. They must be willing to process and let go of all addictions and emotional baggage including the need for control, self-glorification, and ego. Members are required to attend orientation to prepare for “life in the remote community”. Upon completion of the orientation, members are relocated to the community project where they engage in the community lifestyle and participate in the ongoing development process.  CLICK HERE to complete the Project TriStar Member Application.
Level 3: Participation as a committee member. At this level, a participant is automatically a member of the community, is aligned with the concepts and implementation of the Project TriStar community, and be able to commit to the ongoing planning and development activities of the community. These members are assigned to a committee and given responsibilities that are suited to their background and specific areas of interest and expertise. Committee members must have let go of a majority of material possessions including real estate, furniture, and vehicles. They must be ready, willing, and able to relocate to a planning and development facility and commit 100% of their efforts towards the community project. At this level, members have access to all the communication devices necessary for planning and development purposes. Committee members must have already processed or let go of most addictions and emotional baggage and be ready to work in a co-creative manner with the other committee members. Committee members must embody the principles and lifestyle of the Project TriStar community.  CLICK HERE to complete the Project TriStar Member Application.


This community is free of drugs and stimulants. There is no alcohol, tobacco, drugs, caffeine, or meat consumed in the community. Due to a variety of considerations, no “personal” pets will be allowed in the community. Those who have a clear understanding of the potential and probable future events and the community living arrangements will certainly appreciate these delicate decisions.

Member Screening:

The Project TriStar Membership Committee is responsible for screening all applications and interviewing new applicants. The screening process takes into account a variety of factors about a prospective member and a financial participation is not a requirement for membership. Anyone and everyone is considered. Membership in the Project TriStar community is not about money, but rather about helping as many people as possible with the available resources.

Because this project is organic and incorporates a modular sustainability model, no limit has been set for the maximum number of community members. Therefore, if you desire to be considered as a member of the Project TriStar community, please complete and submit your Member Application.