Matrix of Reality

Reality is a Matrix

"Every Moment you have a choice to feel anyway you want, independently from any outer circumstances. Choose feelings and thoughts of higher vibration to be the change you want to see in the world. This is our primary responsibility. Together we have the power to shift the world by shifting our own thoughts, feelings, and actions into higher frequencies in every moment." Ishwari Jay

Messages in Water

The Universal Law of entanglement suggests that everything is connected to everything else. No human can find true permanent happiness until we all do. Therefore when we help someone we help ourselves. As above so below, as without so within and as within so without.

2012 is a powerful time of transformation on the galactic level which according to the law of entanglement will reflect on the planetary and human level.

This is a tremendous opportunity for spiritual expansion. Massive spiritual Awakening has already begun everywhere in the world. The process of awakening will accelerate as the galactic changes amplify. For us to reach the state of total oneness with the zero point field or Pure Consciousness, we have to apply ourselves to the spiritual purification it implies. The more we apply ourselves to a spiritual daily discipline the more prepared we will be to attain a higher level of Consciousness.

For those who are unprepared this could be a challenging experience. For those who cultivate the virtues of the heart, take care of themselves, their brothers and sisters and the earth, and work on letting go of non supportive tendencies, the experience of expansion can be blissful.

The choice is ours. As Spiritual warriors we embrace the two contrary complements of this three dimensional world and we anchor ourselves in the unchangeable transcendental reality that can be experienced at every moment when we live with a peaceful mind and a pure heart.

The Wave of Love

Beyond the Threshold ~ The Secret of the Gold Ring 2012

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